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The first of many

Eddie's awesome poster!

ELC’s first ever event…was a rousing success! We were amazed by how well attended it was. We were expecting maybe ten people…about fifty turned up! Luckily we’d planned accordingly, and had comic-making supplies for all! A huge thanks to Eddie for organising the event and the Newington Library staff for helping us out all day.

We attracted quite a bit of attention to our humble group: Forbidden Planet, STV, and Edinburgh Evening News, to name a few. Just google us. We’re essentially rockstars now.

As well as drawing supplies, we also provided pre-made panel layouts and pages of comics where we had removed either the text or the images. The kids were brilliant; most just immediately got stuck in making comics about whatever they liked, whether it was talking purple clouds or cupcakes on wheels. For the older generations, we were on hand to offer advice or talk about any aspect of comics they liked. Later in the day, Fumio and I gave presentations on small-press publishing and European/Japanese comics.

We may have spent the whole day running around imparting our knowledge to keen minds, but we also learned what makes an event like this successful. We’re already planning new comic-related antics! The library were keen to have us back and many people asked when the next Drop in and Draw was scheduled for. The future is looking bright.

And now, for your amusement, some photos.

This is honestly the best photo of us.
Drawing gets underway.
Award for best title.
Self-explanatory really.

Collective Market – Sunday 15th May!

We’re taking part in a publishers market day at the Collective Gallery on Cockburn Street, Edinburgh on Sunday 15th.  We’ll be selling comics by ourselves and other UK based artists, and there’ll be other stalls there selling other mysterious publications!  Literature, poetry, illustration zines?  I don’t really know, but I’m sure it’ll be worth a pop in to see what’s on offer.  Fumio’s done us a poster…

Poster by Fumio Obata

Get in touch with us if you have comics you’d like us to stock and we’ll see what we can arrange!