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ECAF 2019 part 2 – ECAF Harder

As was the case last year, Edinburgh Comic Art Festival comes in two parts. The first during the Book Festival in August which was a great success and the second is coming up this Sunday 24th November!

As before, it’s at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 36 Dalmeny Street, EH6 8RG, Edinburgh. It will be open from 12-5pm and there will be a smattering of ELC artists among the 42 creators tabling at the event. Here’s where we’ll all be:

ECAF Table Plan

Craig Cunningham at table 6a
Ell J Walker at table 6b
Eve Greenwood at table 21a
Alex Assan at table 21b
Aimee Lockwood at table 22a
Steven Ingram at table 27a
J W Murray at table 27b
& Claire Hubbard at table 29

See you there!

Thought Bubble 2019

It’s Thought Bubble this weekend! So excited. Thought Bubble is always one of the highlights of the comics year and this time has the extra added spice of the new venue in Harrogate. As usual there will be a handful of League of Comicers scattered around the show. Here’s where you’ll find us all…

In the Ask For Mercy hall we’ll have:

Alex Assan at table 13
Eve Greenwood at table 14 (Eve will have their graphic novel Inhibit at a show outside of Scotland for the first time.)
Hari Conner at table 15
Zhou Fang at table 79
Steven Ingram at table 186a (Steven will have his new comic MurMur #3 debuting at the show.)
& Fran Morton at table 193a

and in the Comixology Hall we’ll have:

Zu Dominiak at table 131a (Zu will have the second issue of Isle of Eye debuting this weekend.)
Aimee Lockwood at table 131b (Aimee will have her new book Devil Dogs with her.)
Will Morris at table 145
& Claire Hubbard also at table 145! (Claire’s recent Kickstarter success Wild Lives will be launching at the show.)

If you’re in Harrogate this weekend pop round and say hi!

(also maybe buy some comics :))