BBC Drop in and Draw at the Edinburgh Fringe

This August we had the fantastic opportunity to run a ‘Drop in and Draw’ event in the BBC’s Pink Tent at Potterow. As part of their Storytelling Fun Weekend (aimed at families) we turned up with coloured pencils, a giant speech bubble and several activities for children to complete.


We had six activities in total, aimed at children aged 5+. Easily the most popular activity was ‘Create a Character’ –  participants were presented with three bowls of words, from which they drew a name, an occupation and an adjective. They then used these to create an original character! And we ended up with some very original characters from all age groups:

Other activities included an Expressions sheet, for people to practise drawing the same character in different moods:


And ‘Create a Superhero’ (though lots of people chose to draw a supervillain instead):


Also popular with all age groups was our giant wall comic – Zuzanna started us off with the first panel and people (including the ELC team!) seemed to have a lot of fun adding to it over the weekend. It was definitely my favourite of the activities we used, and I hope we’ll get the chance to do it again somewhere!


We ended up with kind of a ‘choose your own adventure’ comic, sprawling into several different (slightly eccentric) storylines:

elcgiant wall comic2

The predictably miserable festival weather seemed to go in our favour on the Sunday, when people sheltering from the downpour meant our tent was kept very busy! Overall the event seemed to go over well with the crowds of children coming and going from the CBBC events in the Big Blue Tent – the age group was maybe a bit younger than we’d anticipated, but enthusiasm was high and several children spent a long time in the tent working to complete all the activities! Thanks to the BBC for the opportunity, and to all the families there over the weekend who made it a fun event for everyone involved!