Fumio’s first book is gradually coming!

It showed up in Amazon Canada, because Fumio’s publisher is in Quebec.


If you google ‘l’incroyable histoire de la sauce soya’ (the incredible tale of the soya sauce)you can see some extracts and check out the stocks in book retailers.Fumio is flattered.

Extracts link http://www.scribd.com/doc/63646412/Sauce-Soja-Extraits

If you are interested in his publisher this is their website http://www.lapasteque.com/Accueil.html

Fumio is going off to the international festival of comic books in Angouleme in Farnce again at the end of January.http://www.bdangouleme.com/

Anyone going there too, Fumio wants to catch up and he looks forwards to the update about it.