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Event Report – Lazy Sunday Comics at the Forest Cafe.

It’s been a while since this event, but we’ve all been so busy working on our own comics, that none of us have had the time to write about this fantastic event.

It was the closing weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and we arranged an afternoon of relaxed comics drawing for adults at the now sadly closed Forest Cafe.  It was a great event, with lots of interest as people passed by on a dreich Sunday, looking for something simple and fun to do on a quiet weekend day.

The atmosphere was great, with comic book movies playing on a TV in the background, people hanging around and flipping through a batch of comics we brought as inspiration, and best of all people pitching in and creating characters and telling stories with comics.

Best of all was our fantastic comics wall.  We stuck up big strips of paper on the room’s walls and had a central starting panel from which people could branch off and tell their own stories.  The thing was a huge success, and a number of weird stories emerged from the single originating panel.  These tales even intertwined at moments, making for a really special and unique group creation.  It’s a game we’ll definitely play again at one of these events.

All in all a great event.  Thanks to the folk at the Forest for having us, and to all the people who came along and made it a great day.

Lazy Sunday Comics: Reminder!

Poster by Tom Hunt

So it’s our Lazy Sunday Comics event tomorrow, from 2pm at the Forest Cafe.  It’s essentially a drop in + draw, except we’re commandeering the spirit of a lazy Sunday to make it the perfect post-festival recovery thing.  We’ve got lots of lazy games lined up, and we’ll be creating a huge wall comic throughout the day, so everyone should pop in and create a panel to move the story forward!

Come along to Lazy Sunday Comics

@ The Forest Cafe (3 Bristo Place)

Sunday 28th August, 2pm – 8pm

War & Comics – An Interview With Rodge Glass.

Rodge Glass is the Glasgow based author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel Dougie’s War, which deals with a Scottish soldier returning from Afghanistan who faces his own very personal battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  With his upcoming Edinburgh Book Festival discussion about War and Comics, I thought I’d catch up with him and discuss the making of Dougie’s War.

The cover of Dougie's War

Dougie’s War’ is your first graphic novel.  How did the project come about, and why did you decide to use the comics form?

Adrian Searle approached me with the idea. He is Head of Freight, a really smart graphic design company who have moved into publishing recently with Freight Books. Adrian gave me my first publication in 2004 and he’s supported my work ever since. He was working with various charities to build awareness of issues to do with PTSD and noticed that in my second novel, Hope for Newborns, the main characters were three generations of an army family where there was a great deal of inner mental conflict. In that book there was an unclear sense of who the goodies and the baddies were. Also, a struggle which was really more about the war after the war, rather than the war itself. So he asked me to write Dougie. At the time I’d just finished a huge draining project, Alasdair Gray: A Secretary’s Biography and wanted a complete change. Also, I wanted an excuse to read comics and throw myself into another world. I’m glad I did.

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Lazy Sunday Comics

Edinburgh League of Comics is pleased to announce a comics drawing session at the Forest Cafe on Sunday the 28th of August.  It’ll be the last few days of the festival, and we’ve got planned a slothful, relaxed afternoon, aimed at hung-over adults and burned-out actors and comedians, and anyone else up for a carefree afternoon of drawing.  We’ll be occupying the front gallery of the Forest, drawing comics, creating weird characters, and reading comics all day.

We’ll be doing our usual drop in and draw activities – the fantastic ‘Character-O-Matic’ character creator, some Panel Scrabble remixing, and more.  Why not bring along some of your favourite comic books to share with everyone?

Inspired by the wonderful Calvin and Hobbes ‘Lazy Sunday Book’, Edinburgh League of Comics is hoping to bring that carefree Sunday feeling back to adults, perfectly placed at the end of the festival to offer the ideal recovery day.

Come along to Lazy Sunday Comics

@ The Forest Cafe (3 Bristo Place)

Sunday 28th August, 2pm – 8pm

(and onwards if we’re not feeling too lazy!)

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Edinburgh Comics and Zine Fairs In August

Good news for comics fans coming to Edinburgh for the Festival is that there are a growing number of events on of interest to them.  There’ll be more news to follow on ELC’s own events, though I suggest you keep your diaries free for Sunday the 28th!

For now though, here’s some exciting information:

First off the awesome Zorras are hosting an Edinburgh Zine and Small Press Fair at the city’s beloved Forest Cafe on Sunday the 7th August (A.K.A. This Sunday!) from 12noon til 5pm.  I’m not sure how comic bookish the crowd is going to be, but I’m going to be there selling my own comics, as well as copies of We Are Words + PicturesPaper Science 5 anthology.

ZORRAS: “Zorras are hosting a zine and small press fair!! All tables are booked, and it’s going to be grand!  The fair runs from 12noon – 5.00pm.  There will be also readings/performances in the evening from about 6:00pm-9pm at an event called FACEPLANT. This means after the zine fair you can eat delicious Forest food and then sit back and enjoy!”


Then at the end of the month there’s going to be another zine fair, this time on the High Street, August 28th and 29th.  It’s called I’ve Zine You and is a celebration of all things self published.

IVEZINEYOU: “We think that there is just not enough being done to represent and support people who are spending hours creating amazing books, zines and comics. That is why we are hosting I’ve Zine You an independent publishing bookfair where sellers and fans can come together under on roof.

Come along to the Book Trust, 55 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SR or to get involved email IVEZINEYOU@GMAIL.COM