Webcomics Round-up

A number of League of Comicers have webcomics running just now so this seems like a good time to go round them all so you aren’t missing out on the tasty new pages that come out each week!

The most recent addition to the line up is Galdr from Ell J Walker. It is a comic about the inherent power behind words, mental health and the importance of communication.  It updates on Fridays at galdrcomic.com

Isle of Eye from Zu Dominaik finished it’s first chapter not long ago and is now well on the way through its second.  This slow burning horror set on its titular creepy Isle updates on Thursdays at isleofeye.com

Yesterday War is the latest comic from Zhou Fang.  Two girls fight the future do their best to hold on to hope.  This comic updates Sundays on Tapas.

Inhibit is Eve Greenwood’s comic.  This story about superhero teens struggling to control their powers has been on the go for a while now and its first collected volume was nominated for 3 SICBA awards!  I know right? The webcomic updates on Wednesdays at inhibitcomic.com

Hari Conner’s slow burning romance/fantasy comic Finding Home continues to update on Mondays on Tapas.  It was recently collected into its second volume so there is lots to read if you are new to the comic.